Who are the users?

Subject matter experts

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and sales engineers (SEs) create Outcome Chains (OCs) with deal specific information to connect their complex offerings with client outcomes. SMEs organize OCs with pre-curated content and share them with sales reps. Sales reps then familiarize themselves with client language and needs before a presentation using these OCs.

Sales representatives

Sales reps use OCs in the field to simplify the complexities of outcome selling, deliver better sales presentations, and elevate their conversations. OCs are customizable to fit the language of multiple buyers and up-sell in an organization, when needed. Once a sales rep is familiar with the content behind each OC, they have valuable information to maximize their conversation and delivery. Reps can share OCs with their clients post meetings to collaborate further on the opportunity.

Sales managers

Sales managers can collaborate on an enterprise opportunity with sales reps and track the progress of an opportunity by sharing OCs. Sharing an OC also provides valuable analytics data on top performing OCs. 

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