What is Outcome-based selling?

Traditional ways of selling aren’t as profitable as they once were. And so, management asks sales to sell more. Work harder: make more calls, write more emails, get more meetings.

Then what?

It’s not enough to click buttons in a meeting and hope the audience understands how your features makes their lives easier. Business and executive buyers could care less about how your product works. They only care how the technology you’re selling achieves their business outcomes. This sales approach is called Outcome-based selling (OBS, for short).

Selling using OBS means your conversations revolve around business improvements, not extra features or best pricing. Leading with specific financial and KPI improvements means you how YOUR company can help THEIR company measurable. Simple as that. The other guys? Let em keep talking price.

Ever wonder why technology only gets used in a single pocket of the organization? Why doesn’t it ever grows beyond where it was sold into. It’s because there’s no clearly established the link between business processes and product/service portfolio. But if you can leverage the successes of your other customers to tell a story about how creating value in new ways? That’s when your audience is more receptive to how you can deliver additional outcomes for other parts of their business.

We’ll be honest – the OBS approach can seem daunting at first. It’s new, it’s different, and scariest of all, it might affect your paycheck. That’s why we’ve integrated OBS into a powerful, easy to use software application called Outcome Chains. Click on the next section to see how Outcome Chains can help you achieve new, higher margin spend at existing accounts. A bigger amount of budget captured. And happier customers.

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