What is an Outcome Chain (OC)?

Is this a bad time to bring up that bored look on your customer’s face as they’re sitting through your hour-long PowerPoint monologue?

Truth is, it’s not your fault. PowerPoint isn’t built to support a dialogue. That’s why we created Outcome Chains (OCs). OCs help link your outcomes to desired technology offerings so your business cases are clear, concise, and tailored to your customer’s unique requirements.

You can use OC to prepare for upcoming opportunities. Think of Outcome Chains as Cliff Notes: each chain contains content – videos, graphics and web links – all prepared by your company’s top experts to help YOU learn your customer’s needs. No more cobbling together last second slide presentations and hoping you pull the right slides to explain that whatever your marketing department is calling that new offer.

Customer meetings might be tough exams, but rest easy because you have your notes. You have Outcome Chains. You can facilitate dialogue with your customers by speaking what matters to them, all while supporting your value proposition. You can dynamically click into topics that are important to your listeners, instead of









And when someone brings up something new – a topic, question, or objection – there’s no need to schedule yet another meeting to confirm your changes. Outcome Chains gives you the speed and flexibility of white boarding to capture all those good ideas. Even Janice’s.

When a meeting concludes, you can instantly share the Outcome Chain with the customers in attendance, as well as the ones who weren’t able to attend. Sharing the Outcome Chains gives you full visibility into analytics like total views, specific targeted content, and additional shares.

Don’t get us wrong, PowerPoint is good… It’s just not the BEST. If you want the articulate customer value quickly and efficiently, start using Outcome Chains to tell your story.

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