What is a Room?

A room is a space where internal/external teams can collaborate. Sharing an Outcome Chain to a room means you can brainstorm with others around an opportunity.

NOTE: if you want to share an OC, the ONLY way you can do it is through a room.

Internal Collaboration

There are many ways to use a room to prepare for a sales opportunity. Sales managers can invite team members to a room to collaborate on one or multiple OCs. The built in chat feature allows teams to share messages or add links and groups directly into an OC. Important files can also be viewed and downloaded from a room.

Additionally, a room can be used to group multiple chains together for an upcoming presentation. Room owners can then organize in what order they want to present those chains to clients in a meeting.

External Collaboration

OCs can also be shared with clients after a presentation. Clients may then share the room with their colleagues or further examine the deal specifics outlined in the OC. Valuable OC viewing data is also available for admins to examine after chains are shared.