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What Is a Topic?

A topic is an idea that’s been vetted for you to use in a presentation. We start by giving you the summary of the idea. If you need supporting material, topics contain attachments (think: PowerPoint decks, images, and files). These pieces of content expand on the general topic.

Best Practice: the audience should be able to see the entire OC on the screen without having to scroll down.

Once you click inside the topic group you’ll see individual topics open up for that group.

Adding/Moving a Topic

Use the header to add a topic to a group by dragging and dropping it into position. Note that double clicking in the empty space of a group opens up the same option. You can also move topics by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired position.

What about Editing? Deleting? Adding? Sharing?

To make these changes to a topic, click on the 3 dots menu in the upper left hand corner. This gives you access to options like editing, deleting, adding, and sharing. 

Best Practice: Lock Your Topics!

The OC owner can lock some or all of the topics within an OC. This ensures the information contained within the topic cannot be edited or deleted by any other user. Locking topics not only ensures also means critical topics aren’t inadvertently deleted by other users.

For example, if a Solution Architect building the OC has concluded that certain products, services offerings, and capabilities must always be included and shown in the OC, then those Topics should be locked. When collaborating or sharing OC with other users, we recommend the owner of the OC to lock any Topic that has been finalized or do not wish to be changed by shared users.

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