What Is a Sub-Topic?

A Sub-Topic is a folder holding multiple topics of a related nature.

Use Case: if you have several topics in a topic group containing similar information and wish to group them together for easy reading.

Creating a Sub-Topic

1. Choose your desired “parent” topic. Ask yourself: “If I had to summarize several topics with a topic sentence, what would it say?

2. Once you decide on the “parent” topic, you can two create a sub-topic by

  • Clicking on the 3 dots on the top right of the parent topic
  • Selecting “Add a sub-topic to this topic” from the drop down menu

3. Your other option for creating a topic group is to click on “stacked brick icon” on the lower right hand corner. Message will appear: “Add topic children”.

4. You can tell a sub-topic has been started by the new topic group that’s been populated directly under your “parent” topic. You’ll see instructions requesting you “Drag and drop topics into this sub-topic.”

5. However you decide to create a sub-topic, you now need to populate this newly-formed topic group with topics. You have several options on how to do so:

  • Create new topics by dragging and dropping topics (upper right hand side of the header)
  • Double click within the new topic row
  • Drag and drop topics from other rows into your sub-topic

6. When you’re done, you can check your work by click on the sub-topic icon (lower left hand corner) to reveal the topic inside this sub-topic.

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