Topic Groups

What Is a Topic Group?

Groups are the main organizing layer of every chain. Each row allows you to group together related groups.

There are three components of a topic group:

  1. Group title
  2. Group description (access the row description by clicking on the i icon)
  3. Group topics (each group can house one or more topics)

Adding/Moving a Topic Group

Use the toolbar header to add a new topic group. Drag and drop it into position, then enter a title/description when prompted. Note that you can also move groups by simply dragging and dropping them into position.

Editing Topic Group Title and Description

To make changes to a topic group, click on the 3 dots near the Filter feature. This will open options to edit, delete, and add.

Adding Topics to a Topic Group

Use the toolbar to drag and drop in new topics into a row. Each row can hold as many topics as needed. Note: You can also double click in any open space within a group to add topics. 

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