What is a template?

A template is an OC that has already been built by a subject matter expert (SME). Templates should have links and storylines created in them and will be a “view only” file. Templates will continue to get refreshed if a SME decides to keep updating it.

Sales reps can create a duplicate of a template if they need to use and make changes to the existing content.

How to publish a template?

To make an OC available systematically to all users on the team, the owner of the OC can convert it to an OC template. This is the recommended way of sharing to an internal audience. This will automatically publish the OC to team’s OC templates environment, where all registered team users will have view-only access to the templates. After converting an OC into an OC template, it’s recommended to add the OC template to an existing category group (such as industry vertical, product family, user groups, etc.). Doing so can help organize OC templates by topic, and allow other team members to quickly find and retrieve the OC templates they need.

Who can publish a template?

Admin & Pro licensed users and members like SMEs can publish and update a templates.

How do you give other users edit access to a template?

To give users edit access to your template, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the OC and click on “Who has access.”

You will see a list of users who have edit access to this template.

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