Team Library

What is the Team Library?

The library is a collection of links and storylines. Rather than re- creating popular links, you can find the Master versions of these links saved in the link library and add them into the new OC.

As a best practice, if you know that certain link will be frequently reused in other OCs, select and reuse the View-Only version of the Master Link. Because the Master Link is the source version of all the subsequent View-Only Links, you can refresh the content within View-Only Links by updating the Master Link. This allows you to edit the Master Link once and refresh all the changes made in the Master Link in its View-Only copies.

Add a Link from the Library to Your Outcome Chain

1. You can access the library by clicking the “Library” icon located in the toolbar.

2. Use the different sort and search options to help you find the link that you are looking for.

3. Once you find the link that you’re looking for, drag and drop it into your outcome chain.

4. Select how you would like to use the link (as master or standalone) and save your changes. If you’re confused about which one you should click, there’s no need to fret: the popup box includes a short summary of the differences between the two options.

In case you have bad eyesight, here’s a quick summary.

• View-Only
– View-Only version of the Master Link is a mirror image of the Master Link – Contains all the original link descriptions and attachments
– Cannot be modified

• Standalone
– Editable copy of the Master Link

Now you will find the link you’ve added from the library in your OC.

Add a Link to the Library

**Before we go into details, we should point out that only certain license types can add to the library. And whatever gets added will be visible to everyone in your team. We good? OK, let’s go**

Choose the link that you want to add.

Then click the 3 dots to reveal the link menu. Can’t find the 3 dots? Hint: there’s in the upper right hand corner of the link.

Once you do that, you should see an option to “Save to team library” (you may have to click on “More Options” to reveal selection).

Select your link preference and click “Add to library.”

  • Master: Any team member can use the link, but they cannot edit it.
  • Standalone: Any team member can use the link and make changes to it.
  • User preference: Any team member can use the link you’re adding and choose how (as a master or standalone).

Now the link will appear in the library and is ready to be used. Click on the toolbar to access your team library.

Edit/Delete/Favorite a Link from the Library

For team library options, click on header and look for “Library.” Hint: it’s on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Then hover over the link to reveal the edit, delete, and favorite options.

Edit a Link Inside the Library

If you are the author of the link or if you are the team admin, you will be able to edit the link inside the library. Hover of the link and select the edit option.

Delete a Link

Only the user with an admin license will be able to delete a link from the library. Once a link is deleted, it is gone and can’t be recovered. If it was marked as a favorite, it will be removed from that list.

Tag a Link as Your Favorite

Identify your frequently used links by tagging it as a “Favorite.” Hover over the link and click on the heart icon. Links that you mark as your favorite are only visible to you and will appear when you filter “My favorite.”

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