Building an Outcome Chain

Note: Only Admins and Pro licenses can create an OC from scratch. Advanced and Basic licenses can duplicate an existing OC Template and then modify it based on the desired use case.

Things to Consider While Building an OC

  • Use the topic group framework to group ideas
  • Create topics to capture major ideas
  • When building topics, include a short description explaining what topic, its inclusion, and how it should be interpreted
  • The relationships between topic groups and topics should be simple to follow
  • Add content to illustrate details related to the topic
  • Limit the amount of topic groups and topics within groups
  • Multiple topics similar in nature should be grouped using… drumroll…the topic group!
  • Topic groups provide a high-level summary view that can be drilled into to reveal additional insights

Content Creation: Who to Engage?

Get the field and product marketing teams involved early as you start thinking and cataloging the type of content needed to help support the outcome journey road map being building. The goal is to align the marketing content with the key outcome-based messaging pitched by sales.

As you catalog the types of content available, you will likely uncover some key gaps where content is not available. Depending on the orientation of your Outcome Chain, engage with the marketing team to help uncover and develop the specific content needed to illustrate the business case presented in your Outcome Chain.

Marketing’s content should be developed and organized based on how it fits into sales’ outcome-based messaging. Sales processes vary by product line, company size, go-to- market segment, geography, and industry.

Ideal Content Criteria:

  • Identifies and addresses the top business challenges faced by the line of business
  • Connects business implications and benefits to the specific product or service offering
  • Customer case studies and business case white papers are great for illustrating and connecting the dots on how your product and service offerings can deliver the business outcomes

Where to Find Content?

Sales and marketing content are commonly located within the following:

  • Content management systems (ex. Sharepoint, Alfresco, Jive)
  • Online file sharing systems (ex. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive)
  • Video repositories (ex. Brightcove, YouTube, Vimeo, Brainshark)
  • Your company’s website
  • Internal wikis and web portals
  • Legacy sales enablement solutions
  • Salesforce and other CRM platforms (including social media streams like Chatter)