Sharing an OC

Best Practice: Skip the text, scroll all the way to the bottom, and watch our video on sharing an OC. And then tell your boss you figured it out all by yourself.

Well, if you’re here, you must really like reading. That’s cool, we can do this manually too. Let’s go thru the process of creating a room so you can share an Outcome Chain.

From the home page, you can click on the 3 dots next to the Outcome Chain and select “Share.”

Under the “My rooms” tab, create a room from the top right of the screen.

Add OCs to a Room

Once you’ve decided how to create a room, add an OC to the room by clicking on the “+” sign or continue without an OC.

Next, enter who to invite and their permissions. Give the room a name, add company images and hit “Invite people.”

Or click on “Customize” to further edit your room information. You can include your company logo and the customer’s logo.

Collaborate and Manage the Room

Once the room is created in one of the three ways, you enter the room in present mode. Hover over the room to start the presentation or open it to edit the OC.

Click on the chat icon at the top right to collaborate with room members and manage the room.

Watch the Video!

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