• Implementing a new smart software solution is only ever part of the journey when you are looking to change the sales culture of an organization.
  • We offer access to all of the expertise and experience that you will need to achieve the outcomes that your company is looking for as part of this transition.

There are three phases to our Managed Services engagement:

  1. Align and Design – this is where we get everything ready to go live. We build the Outcome Chain templates, we design the training and enablement activities, we agree how we’re going to track and measure success. And, really importantly, we make sure that all of the user journeys and process steps are well defined.
  2. Activate and Enable – when everything’s ready to go, we work with your teams to make sure that everyone knows their role, how to use the technology and how to celebrate the early successes. 1st and 2nd line management support and reinforcement is really critical to making this work and we spend time helping these managers to coach their teams on how to be successful.
  3. Refine and Optimize – after you’ve gone live we don’t walk away. We’re there to make sure that the Outcome Chain templates stay relevant and up-to-date, we get involved in coaching on specific deals, we monitor progress and track the successes. Finally, we make sure that your product and marketing teams are getting access to the real-time feedback from the field on what customers are saying matters most to them.

Identify top performing Outcome Chains.

Quickly apply the winning OCs across sales teams.

Collaborate with sales teams around the OCs that matter.

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce.

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