Questions to Consider

Transforming your sales force is no easy feat. Before you get started on your journey into Outcome-based selling, consider the following:

  • What is the use case you are pursuing?
  • Which internal resources should be involved in defining and supporting the use case?
  • Should Outcome Chains be developed around a specific industry or around a product & solutions offering?
  • How organizational standards around OC rollout and governance being established?
  • How can we best overlay existing sales processes, go-to-market routes, and/or sales enablement processes to align with OC development and rollout to ensure field adoption?

Socialize your Outcome Chains use case(s) with those persons who will help with build and rollout. We encourage you to engage in dialogue with Marketing, Account Management, Sales Engineering, and Sales. These teams will likely have existing processes and workflows that will impact successful deployment.

Remember, we are dedicated to your success. If you have any questions, schedule some time with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to review Outcome Chains and get started immediately.