Present Mode

What is Presentation Mode?

Present mode is the ideal way to showcase an Outcome Chain to customers. It focuses the conversation by breaking down the OC and displaying only needs to show, at the ideal time, based on your audience.

Presentation Mode vs. Normal Mode?

A brand new look and feel to Present Mode!
To accommodate a presentation setting, all OC elements are professionally displayed in the all new present mode.

To enter “Present” mode for a particular Outcome Chain, click on the monitor icon, which can be found in the upper right hand corner, then click “Enter Present Mode”.

NOTE: if you want to open present mode from the home page (“My OCs” tab) hover over the OC and click on “Present”.

Next, click on “Explore Outcome Chain”

Your Chain will open in Present mode and you can filter it by Storyline(s) you’ve configured just as you can in Normal mode

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