Our Approach to Better Customer Discovery

Use industry and solution templates to quickly and easily understand your customer’s priorities

Discovery Wizard

Guided Discovery Made Simple

Using standard templates, sellers quickly and easily understand and document the customer’s the highest priorities.


Outcome Chain Templates

Map Solutions to Customer Outcomes

Every technology company is striving to articulate the business value of their solutions. At Outcome Chains we have developed a structured approach to help our customers achieve this goal. Our Solution Design team will work with your subject-matter experts to create the templates your sellers will use.

You don’t need to start from scratch – We have over 3,000 building blocks to accelerate template creation.



Connect Outcome Chains With Your Tools

One of the keys to successful adoption of any new technology is integrating into existing processes and tools. Outcome Chains is built on an open API architecture and can be seamlessly accessed through your CRM, collaboration or value management platform.

We meet sellers where they are used to working. We’ve made it super easy to move between a slide presentation and the Outcome Chains software.


Privacy and Security

Outcome Chains uses robust application performance and infrastructure monitoring tools. Availability and performance issues are notified to our DevOps team in real time and are respond immediately.

We are committed to protecting your confidential data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure of personal information.

Here to help every step of the way

We offer access to the expertise and experience that you need to achieve the outcomes that your company is looking for as part of this transition.
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    We focus on listening to ensure you don’t repeat yourself, removing unknowns, and eliminating surprises to guarantee success. Your birthday is for surprises, not your onboarding experience!

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    This is our solution; we live it every day, and you haven’t had that luxury. We engage your team and take what we hear from you to understand how to design. We use that knowledge for your best outcome.

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    Now you have a solution we can stand behind, but how will it fit into the day-to-day from a technical perspective? Our solution should make your day easier, not be another time waster.

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    We understand the end-user of our solution is probably not the person who inked the deal. We work to bridge that gap and put in place training that fits no matter what type of learning a user needs.

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    The excitement is palatable! The time we’ve invested in the partnership is on the line, and it must be well worth it. We create an open environment so you know we’re there to support you and foster your success.

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    Our support doesn’t end at enablement. If adoption is crucial to you, it’s twice as important to us. We want your investment to be worth it and assist in guiding and leading how you want to grow.

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