Greater Success
With Business Buyers

Real results across the customer lifecycle

Outcome Chains customers consistently tell us by approaching a new direction with customer discovery they achieve the following:
Greater success with business buyers
More industry-specific and outcome-focused conversations
Better able to position complete solutions
Stronger alignment with internal and partner teams

Christy Gaudet

VP Sales, Marketing and Operations – Karl Storz

Allan Evans

Global Head of Business Development and Marketing

“It enables every seller to start the conversation at the industry-specific outcome that means most to customers in that space by the business decision-maker, or C-suite executive.”
Ashley Haynes-Gaspar COO of US Business Applications & Industry Clouds
“When I saw Outcome Chains it was very, very clear that directionally this is the way our sellers need to sell in order to be in alignment with how our customers buy.”
Christy Gaudet VP of Sales, Marketing and Operations | Karl Storz
“It allows us to standardize and also gather insights more systematically in order to keep improving.”
Lys Arya Head of Aruba Worldwide Enablement

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