Present Mode

What is Presentation Mode?

Present mode is the ideal way to present an Outcome Chain to customers row by row. It breaks down the OC into a more focused conversation and displays only what you need to show at the ideal time based on who you are talking to.


How is Presentation Mode different than Normal Mode?

Everything is bigger
To accommodate presentation settings, all the elements of the OC are visibly bigger in Presentation Mode.


In presentation mode the user experience is slightly different. This way the presenter and audience don’t have too many elements of the OC to focus on at once. For example, when selecting storylines the entire screen is dedicated to doing just that.


How do I access it?

To enter present mode for a particular OC, you can click the monitor icon, which can be found across many areas:

  • OC view (see below)
  • My OCs
  • Rooms
Resetting Present Mode

When you’re ready to give a new presentation, while in present mode click the monitor icon and Reset Present to reset the OC.