Exploring and editing an Outcome Chain (OC)

Each OC has many layers of information that are easy to navigate through and quickly edit:

OC Summary

What is an OC summary?

Once you click to open an OC in the homepage, you’ll see the OC Summary. The OC Summary explains what this Outcome Chain is about.

Editing the OC summary

Step 1.
Edit this summary description by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and click on “Settings”.


Step 2.
Then click the edit icon to the right of the field labeled “OC DESCRIPTION”.

Step 3.
Make the necessary edits and click “Save” when you’re done.

Link Row

What is a link row?


Rows are the main organizing layer of every chain. Each row allows you to group together related concepts.


Once inside the OC, hover over a row to see a mini page icon at the right. Click on the page icon to see the the link row structure.


As indicated in the picture below, there are two key components of a link row:

  1. The header (Customer Business Outcome)
  2. The description (What is the business outcome the customer wants to achieve?). Click on the page icon again to close the link row structure.


Adding a link row

Use the toolbar to add a new link row by dragging and dropping.

You can also add a new link row by clicking on the 3 dots in a row (see image below).

Editing a link row

Each link row is customizable to fit your needs, just click on the 3 dots in the link row for edit options.


Edit your link row to fit your needs.


What is a Link?

Once you click inside the link row, you’ll see individual links open up for that row. Links are the building blocks of an OC. Links contain attachments and further information to expand on a key idea.  


Adding a link

Use the toolbar to add a link to a row by dragging and dropping.


Editing a link

Edit a link by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the link itself.



Adding attachments to a link

Links contain attachments to expand on a key idea. Here’s how to add attachments like powerpoint decks, images, other OCs and files to your links:


Choose your link:

First click on the link you wish to add to then click on the paperclip icon.


Choose your attachments:

Now you can upload content to this link as attachments.


Next enter a title, description and category for this content.


View, Edit or Delete

Once added, you can go back to view, edit or delete the attachment.


You know a link has an attachment when you see the mini page icon at the bottom center of the link.

Link Groups

What is a link group?

Once you’ve made several links, you can create a link group. A link group is a folder within a link to hold multiple links of similar nature.


Creating a link group


To create a link group follow these steps:


1. Select your desired parent link.


2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right of the link and select “Convert to link group”


3. Then drag and drop the links you wish to add to this link group. You even have the option to drop links from several other rows into your link group.


4. Click on the link to reveal the link group.


What is a Storyline?

Storylines help break down an Outcome Chain into areas of interest. Once you have plenty of links added into your Outcome Chain, you can organize them further into storylines. This is a great way to break down or filter your information for buyer personas, customer priorities, desired outcomes, etc.


To view Storylines, click on the hamburger menu on the top left of your OC screen. Let’s view the Storylines created for the Boost Spaceship OC and how to create a new one.


*This is the view of Storyline in Normal Mode, it looks slightly different in Present Mode.

Creating a storyline

To create a storyline, click on the toolbar and drag a storyline into position. 


Then add a title, color and description. You can save the storyline or save and open to assign links.

Assigning links to the storyline

The new storyline is titled “IT Needs”. See the “plus” sign at the top left of the third link? Click on it to assign it to this storyline and assign as many other links as you need to this storyline. 


If you only saved after creating the storyline and come back later, click on the 3 dots next to the storyline title to make edits or assign links.

Storyline Connections

Once you have assigned links to the storyline, you can choose to create connections in between them.

Here you are viewing connections between links in a storyline.


Here you are viewing all the links and rows in the OC, including those related to the active storyline (“IT Needs) and the available connections.

To get a better understanding of Storylines, start practicing what you’ve learned today.

Building an OC.

Introducing templates, OC toolbar and library.


For those of you who will be creating an OC, there are two ways to get started.


First click on the “Create an OC” button on the top right of the homepage.

1. New From Starter

If you’re a sales engineer (SE) or subject matter expert (SME), you can create an OC by choosing new from starter


2. New From Template

For sales representatives who want to create an OC, choose new from template. A template will already have links and storylines created in them.



Then choose the OC template you wish to use to create a new OC. The template you choose will determine how your new OC will be structured.


Enter a new name, category and summary then hit submit.


You can also duplicate an existing OC listed on the main screen to make any further edits (Sales Reps). Click on the 3 dots next to an OC to duplicate it.


Follow the prompt to rename and save:

Your new OC will be created and categorized under “OCs I created” in All Categories.

Template Ratings

What are template ratings?

Template ratings give the template authors the ability to collect qualitative feedback on their chains.



How do people rate the templates?

The recipients of the template can share their feedback anonymously using the form below:

OC Toolbar

What is the OC Toolbar?

The OC Toolbar is available for use to make editing and viewing Outcome Chains fast and easy.

Adding from the toolbar

Easily drag and drop links, rows and storylines or grab an item from the team Library

Deleting using the toolbar and accessing Trash

Click on the trash icon to view all the items you have deleted already. To delete an item simply drag it over the icon.

Viewing Notes

The toolbar provides access to Notes, an easy way to capture thoughts while working on or presenting an OC.

Zoom in and Out

Quickly control the zoom level of the OC.

Team Library

What is the Team Library?

The Library is a collection of links and storylines added by you and other users within your Outcome Chains team. Links and storylines added to the Library will be visible to everyone.


It allows easy reuse of existing links and storylines across different Outcome Chains without having to create new ones from scratch and updating them individually.


Add a link to the Library

Users with an Admin, Pro, or Advanced license can add to the Library. What gets added will be visible to everyone in your team.


1. Select the link that you want to add, click the 3 dots to reveal the link menu, and select “Add Link to Library”.


2. Select your link preference and click “Add to Library”.

  • Master: Any team member can use the link, but they cannot edit it.
  • Standalone: Any team member can use the link and make changes to it.
  • User preference: Any team member can use the link you’re adding and choose how (as a master or standalone).

3. Now the link will appear in the Library and is ready to be used.



Edit/Delete/Favorite a link from the Library

Click on the toolbar then click “Add from Library”. Then you can hover over the link to reveal the edit, delete and favorite options.

Edit a link inside the library

If you are the author of the link or if you are the team admin, you will be able to edit the link inside the library. Hover of the link and select the edit option.


Delete a link

Only the user with an Admin license will be able to delete a link from the Library. Once a link is deleted, it is gone and can’t be recovered. If it was marked as a favorite, it will be removed from that list.


Tag a link as your favorite

Identify your frequently used links by tagging it as a “Favorite”. Hover over the link and click on the heart icon. Links that you mark as your favorite are only visible to you and will appear when you filter “My Favorite”.

Add a link from the Library to your OC

1. You can access the Library by clicking the “Add from library” icon located in the toolbar.

2. Use the different sort and search options to help you find the link that you are looking for.


3. Hover over a link to reveal additional details about the link. Click on the name of the link to preview the link (view sub-links, access content, link description, etc).


4. Once you find the link that you’re looking for, drag and drop it into your outcome chain.


5. Select how you would like to use the link and save your changes.