Let’s get started with the basics.

Before jumping into the app, go through the information below:

What is Outcome based selling?

At Outcome Chains, we believe in outcome based selling because today’s tech buyers want to talk about more than just features, functions and price. To get ahead of the competition, you have to sell effectively on business value.


Buyers want to discuss business outcomes that your company can provide with your offerings. Outcome Chains help you clarify how you’ll inject companies with financial growth and which services you offer are likely to do that.


White Papers

For an in depth understanding of this method, read the Primer for Outcome Based Selling.


Also, read the Primer for Outcome Based Engineering if you are a sales engineer or subject matter expert.

What is an Outcome Chain (OC)?

Outcome Chains or OCs are a web based visual canvas, designed to simplify the complexities of outcome selling. OCs have multiple layers of information that help buyers and sellers communicate at a holistic or granular level.

What makes up an OC?

Links, Rows and Storylines and attachments are the key information layers of an Outcome Chain. Take a look through our Help Center menus to learn more about OCs and how to use them.

Who are the users and how are OCs used?

OCs are created by subject matter experts (SMEs) and sales engineers (SEs) with deal specific information to connect complex offerings with client outcomes.


OCs are used by sales reps in the field to simplify the complexities of outcome selling, deliver better sales presentations and elevate their conversations.


Sales Managers can collaborate on an enterprise opportunity with sales reps, track its progress and identify top performing Outcome Chains with valuable analytics.