Welcome Teams Admins!

This is where you can learn about everything related to the admin portal.


As a Team Admin, you are able to:

  • Monitor Team Dashboard
  • Manage Team Account Profile
  • Manage Users and Licenses
  • Manage Outcome Chains Inventory
  • Manage Template Category Structure
  • Manage Graphics
  • Monitor Insight Views


To get to the Admin Portal, click on your team name located in the upper right corner of the screen and select Admin from the drop down menu.


How to Monitor Team Dashboard

The first thing you’ll see when you’re in the Admin Portal is the Admin Navigation Menu to your left and a Dashboard to your right. Let’s take a closer look at the Dashboard.



Up top you can track the number of outcome chains, templates, shared outcome chains, and users in your team.


Down below you can see a chart of user activities, which include:

  • OCs created
  • OCs shared
  • OCs updated
  • Total OCs viewed
  • Unique OCs viewed
How to Edit and View the User’s Activities Reports:

To edit the date range, select from the drop down menu to the right and click run to update the chart.


Click on the chart area to view the detailed report.



Finally, to edit the chart type, hover over the icon on the upper left of the chart and click on chart types. Select and click on the chart to see the changes.