OC Summary

What Is an OC Summary?

Clicking on an OC opens the OC Summary. This summary provides a basic overview of the entire chain. If this was a book, we’d be at the¬†prologue.

Best Practice: Provide a short overview in the OC Summary page, highlighting the desired outcome(s), why those outcome(s) are important, and how they can be achieved. The narrative should walk the end user through the major filters and any takeaways of the OC. This will provide context to help your user to pick up and explore the details in depth.

Videos + OC Summary = Unstoppable

After an OC has been completed and finalized, consider recording and uploading a video that explains the main ideas behind the OC. This video can be attached to OC Summary Page and will be available for others to view.

Best Practice: The video should provide contextual guidance on how the content captured within the OC should be consumed, giving the OC creator an opportunity to explain the OC. Keep the video concise and under 3 minutes:

Editing the OC Summary

Edit this summary description by clicking on the 3 dots at the top left of the screen. Then select “Settings.”

Click the edit icon to the right of the field labeled “OC SUMMARY.”

Make the necessary edits and hit “Save” when you’re done.

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