OC Settings

When and How to Use

UseCase: you customize your life, so why should your OCs be any different? Read below to learn how to edit and configure the OC description, pictures, attachments, permissions.

It is located behind the 3 dots at the top left of the Outcome Chain screen.


The “General” tab lets you edit the client’s name, description/summary, and add attachments that will appear next to your summary. This is helpful if you want to show a quick video or image before diving into the OC at your next meeting.

OC Customization

This tab simply lets you choose a background tile for your OC.


Under the “Permission” tab, you’ll see your level of access to this OC. This is also where you can allow this OC to be added as an attachment in other OCs.

The owner of this chain can choose to lock the link row structure so no one can move links around in this chain. The lock link option will look different if you are the chain owner.


The “Advanced” tab helps you organize your chains into the categories set up by SMEs.┬áSelect “Edit” to choose a category for this chain.

Next you choose the category and hit “Save.”

You can also set up an internal ID number for this chain under the “Advanced” tab.

This is useful for referencing to an object outside of the OC application, such as the ID/Name of a sales opportunity. It will be reported in the Admin – Manage OC page.


The “System” tab gives you more information about this chain including the OC ID, type of OC, owner’s name, date of creation, and last modification.