The Many Options within OC

The workspace under My OCs and the different menu icons there are visible once you hover over them. 

Present Mode

Under My OCs, simply hover over the OC name and click “Present”.

or, click on the 3 dots to the very right and click “Present OC”

Share the OC 

The option “Share” shares your OC(s) in a room. Use this option to collaborate with your team internally or externally with clients.


To access analytics simply scroll down to last option to up analytics for this OC. This option helps you understand how the OC is performing.


Use the settings icon to view the OC settings including the OC summary.


If you are a sales rep and you’ve found an OC that you want to present to a client, you can easily duplicate it to make any needed edits before a presentation. Click on the “Duplicate” link and follow the prompts.

Make Template

Users with the right level of access can use this option to turn an OC they’ve created into a template. This will create another OC, same as the original, as a “read-only” OC for all other team members to view and use in a presentation, but not edit.

Templates will automatically get updated if the owner makes changes to that OC.

Edit Category

Click on “Edit category” to change the category of this OC.

Who Has Access

Click on “Who has access” to see a list of users with access to this OC and their permission level.


The option to delete an OC is available only to authors of the chain or team Admins.

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