My OCs

When you log into Outcome Chains, the first screen you see is the homepage. We’ve purposefully made the homepage simple by design and included tooltips to help you navigate the application.

Once logged into the homepage, you will see “My OCs” at the top left of your screen (refer to the screenshot below).

A list of all the OCs that have been shared with you and those you have created will be displayed on the main screen. You will also see your permission level (edit or view only) as it relates to each OC.  The folder structure (Categories) on the left makes it much easier to find and manage your chains:

Best Practices:

  1. Make this homepage your own by customizing your view. You can filter OCs by category, OC name, Author, Last Updated, etc.
  2. We’ve also included a search bar in the upper right hand corner in case you need to search for a particular piece of content. That’s right – you can get as granular as finding a particular link or attachment by utilizing the search field.

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