About Outcome Chains

Our mission is to create a fundamentally better buying and onboarding experience for your customers.

Customer success plans have traditionally been designed based on the products or solutions that the customer purchased. Leading tech firms are rapidly shifting their CS plans to be outcome-focused, meaning that they are created around the customer’s priority outcomes and objectives.

Outcome Chains is uniquely positioned to provide the “easy button” that enables CSMs to quickly and easily understand the industry-relevant outcomes that are important to each stakeholder at new and existing accounts.

Outcome-based selling leads with business impact and value, not features, functions, and products. The Outcome Chains software allows Fortune 500 enterprise sales teams and their buyers to effectively visualize and collaborate around the offerings, desired outcomes, and impact across key business areas. Outcome Chains will help you navigate this new sales methodology with confidence.

Meet our exceptional team:

J.B. Wood

President, CEO

Martin Dove


James Yang

VP, Product Development

Tom Pridham

SVP, Sales

Alyssa Mathis

Senior Manager Customer Operations

Melissa King

Customer Success Manager

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