We offer five unique license types to cater to users with different needs. The limited license is available for free for external customer domains only while the others are payment based.

When assigning OC licenses, consider the level of control you would like to grant to different users, their roles, and the tasks you expect them to perform.

  • Who can or cannot create an Outcome Chain?
  • Who can or cannot edit an Outcome Chain?
  • Who & how should contents be controlled and managed?

This license type gives the user view-only access. You’d usually use a Limited license for external users (e.g. users with an external email alias from your organization, like a customer). Chain owners can grant “edit” permission when sharing the OC. The application home page is not accessible for this license type… but… Limited licenses are free. So they have that going for them.


The Basic license type allows users basic functionality: downloading content from OCs, duplicating a template, sharing OCs with clients, and building storylines. Editing options, however, are not allowed for the basic license holder. This license also offers access to the OC home page so that the user may view and add OC ratings and comments. Your basic use case? Sales. Pun intended.


Now we’re talking. The Advanced license holder has all the capabilities of the Basic license but now with editing options. This option makes the Advance license ideal for sales reps who want to customize OCs for their clients before a presentation and during an opportunity pursuit.


Pro licenses are ideal for that person in your life that just wants to create and publish Outcome Chains. Think: marketing, sales/solution architects, product SMEs… especially SMEs with knowledge of useful content needed to include in a new OC.

All capabilities as the Advanced license but with the added option to build OC templates from scratch? No wonder we call this a Pro.


Full. Application. Access. The Admin license allows users access to the admin portal, a key factor in creating user types, categories, and reports. This role can also access analytics on team wide usage of OCs. Typically reserved for Program/Project Managers who are responsible for team management & maintenance.

Check out the following chart to further compare what each license type allows users to do.

In the homepage of the OC platform, click on the arrow button to find options to “Upgrade your license” and “Request to create a new team.”

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Here you can see information about your current license and the other available options.

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