How Will You Use the Outcome Chains Platform?

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Transforming the way we engage with clients isn’t easy! Before you get started on your journey into Outcome Based Selling, consider the following as you begin to navigate the platform:

  • Do you want to include more stakeholders into your conversations?
  • Are you wanting to elevate the conversations you’re having to become more of strategic partner vs. transactional vendor?
  • Which accounts of yours could this work with?
  • What are the use cases you are pursuing?
  • How can you use this tool to enhance what you’re doing now?

Ultimately, this tool can be used in a variety of ways.  It’s meant to be a conversational aid to help you have collaborative dialog with your clients instead of the standard one-way monologue about best pricing + features.  It’s meant to help you meet your customers where they are and start to uncover their desired business outcomes. It’s also a confidence booster knowing that you can rely on what the SME (subject matter experts) are saying from your company and what they’ve gathered as the industry trends.  The tool also allows you to easily include more stakeholder view points and give your connection the ability to include others into the conversation on your behalf.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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