Seamlessly Access Outcome Chains via Account and Opportunity Records In Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

  • Outcome Chains is a smart software application that can operate independently of your other sales technologies or fully integrated into your sales tech stack.
  • We have pre-built integrations into the most popular CRM applications and through our open-API architecture we can easily integrate to any modern application environment.
  • We work with your teams to, first of all, understand the required integration at a process and data level and then collaborate with your team to seamlessly and safely make the technology work for your customer teams.
  • We are fully SOC2 compliant and have extensive experience working with complex and highly demanding security and privacy requirements including GDPR.

Identify top performing Outcome Chains.

Quickly apply the winning OCs across sales teams.

Collaborate with sales teams around the OCs that matter.

Integrate with Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 365

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