How to Manage Users and Licenses

The “Users and Licenses” tab is where you can view your team’s license summary, manage your team’s users and licenses, upload users using files, and create or manage user tags.

License Summary

The license summary field lists the number of users in your company in each license type.

User Management

Managing license upgrade requests is done under the “User management” field.

New users

When a new basic license user is created through a room invite or registration URL, they are given access for a trial period.

The trial period is defaulted at 7 days. (The trial period can by modified by the OCI team upon request.) The user can request for permanent access prior to the trial expiration period. It is up to the admin to approve/deny the request.

Existing users

Existing users with a permanent license can also request for a license upgrade. A basic license user may request for an advance license, an advance license user may request a pro license, etc. It is up to the admin to approve/deny the request.

Click on on the individual username or the “Actions” button and select approve/deny to grant individual access.

To auto approve ALL license upgrade requests, make your selection under “User settings.”

Adding users to your team

Under the “User management” field, there are 3 ways to manually create or add a new user to your team.

Create user: Click on the “Actions” button and select “Create user” to create a single user.

Assign user to team: Click on the “Actions” button and select “Assign user to team” to add an existing user to your team. An existing user is a user who already belongs in another OC team.

Upload users using files: If you need to add lots of new users, select the “Upload users using files” option to create users in bulk.

User profile

When creating a new user, you need to set up the user’s profile first. The mandatory fields are self explanatory.

License Type: Choose the type of license to assign to this user. License types include admin, pro, advanced, basic and limited.

License effective period: Set a date range if you wish to grant this user access to your team for a limited period of time. Use this feature to give your partners, temporary employees, or consultants access.

Disable/remove user access: There will be times when you will need to disable a user or remove their access from your team. There are different ways to remove a user’s access depending on whether they belong multiple teams. There is a column next to the username called, “Multi-team.” If this is set to “Yes,” it means that the user belongs to more than one team. If this is set to “No,” it means the user is only part of one team.

Disable user belonging to one team: Click on the username, change their license type to “Disable,” and save your changes. This will immediately remove the user’s access to your team.

User tags: User tags are a great way to group and identify users. Assign a user to one or multiple tags. Sample tags could be region, product group, teams, department (marketing, sales), and roles (exec, sales VP, directors).

View activity report: Grant this user access to the activity report. This user will be able to access the activity report from their home page.