How to Manage Categories

Managing Categories
The categories tab allows you to manage and create new categories and sub-categories for your team’s OC templates. You can also share the OC template categories with other teams.

Adding a new category for OC Templates
To add a new category, enter the category name, and click to “Add.”

Editing or deleting a category
To edit or delete a category, hover over the category name, click on the pencil icon, and make your changes.

Creating sub-categories
To create a sub-category, click on the category, and drag it under a main category.

Sharing a category
To share a category with another team, hover over the category name and click on “Share.”

Follow the prompts to enter the team’s name, click “Add,” and then “Done” to save. The category will now be marked as “Shared.” You can share this category with as many teams as you’d like that are also using Outcome Chains.

Removing a Share
To remove a share, select the category and click on “Shared” on the right. Click the “X” next to the team’s name and hit “Done” to save.