Discoverer & Flag Feature

Everybody knows Discovery is a critical sales step. 

When it’s done well, the seller:

  1. Uncovers the priorities of the prospect through dialogue
  2. Introduces challenging and innovative ideas to the prospect
  3. Earns the respect of the prospect by conveying best practices
  4. Uncovers the barriers to purchase and success
  5. Tests and qualifies their true ability/intent to buy

Discovery is where you learn who will buy and why!  This is why Solution Selling, Challenger, etc. ALL have a discovery phase.  Although the Discovery Phase exists, most sellers rarely do it well.

Discoverer Feature

The Discoverer feature allows a seller (or group of sellers) to ‘collaborate’ in order to determine what links are of importance to their prospect(s) during the Discovery stage of the sales process.  This is really important and can make a profound difference in the Discovery phase of the sale.

This is achieved simply by clicking on the ‘exclamation point’ icon located on the bottom left-hand corner of each link:

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Also, as links are Prioritized (and even Unprioritized), history is catalogued where users with access (and edit rights) to the chain will be able to see.  History and notes can be accessed by clicking on the Dialogue Window icon next to the Explanation Point icon:

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You can also filter the chain to what has been ‘Prioritized’ as well as which links which have NOT been prioritized in the Discovery feature by clicking on the ‘Discoverer’ option in the menu bar. Once clicked, a popup window will appear on the bottom right-hand corner of the chain where you can then select to view either ‘Prioritized Links’ or ‘Unprioritized Links’:

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When you ‘Prioritize‘ a link, everybody that has access to the Chain (and also has edit rights) will not only see the Priorities set, but will also be able to see ‘who’ set the priority along with any notes that have been added.

Please note, the Discoverer feature can (and should) be used in Present-mode:

Restrictions, Discoverer Feature:

  • Chain must be shared
  • Recipients must have edit rights to chain
  • The OC must be a Chain and NOT a Template
  • User must have an Advance license or higher to use Discoverer Feature

Flag Feature

The Flag feature is really defined by the user.  A user can flag links within a chain for whatever reason they want.  Whether it’s a way for a user to let them know to circle back to certain links to update later, or if they just want to use it for a filtering mechanism, it’s completely up to the user!

Please keep in mind, the Flag feature is an upgrade of what was once called ‘Favorites’ in Outcome Chains.  What was once a ‘Star’ icon on the bottom of each link has now been upgraded to a ‘Flag’ icon now located towards the top middle of each link:

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After Flagging all required links, you can filter the Chain (displaying only links that have been Flagged) by choosing ‘Flagged Only’ in the menu bar:

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When links are ‘Flagged’, it will only be visible to the person who flagged it.  When you Flag link(s), only you will be able to see it when you open the Chain again – and no one else who has access to the Chain will see what you’ve Flagged. 


  • coming soon….

Tired of reading? Check out the videos below!

Discoverer Feature:

Flagged Feature: