Create an OC

There are two ways to create an OC. The option you choose depends on your level of access.

If you see a “Create an OC” button on the top right of the homepage, it means you have a more advanced license. If you don’t have that button, the following doesn’t pertain to you. Skip right down to the “If You Don’t Have that Button” section. 

You’ll be taken to a screen in which you’ll need to select your starting framework.

– Option 1: Creating an OC From Scratch (Starter)

If you’re a sales engineer (SE) or subject matter expert (SME), you can create an OC by choosing a “Starter” scaffolding. This will be designated with a “Starter” label in the upper right hand corner. 

– Option 2: Creating an OC With Some Work Already Done (Template)

For sales representatives who want to create and edit an OC, choose the appropriate template. This does NOT have a “Starter” designation and will contain links and storylines created in them. The template you choose will determine how your new OC will be structured.

Enter a new name, category, and summary then hit submit.

If You Don’t Have That Button…

You can still edit an OC, but first you have to make a copy before adding changes. Click on the 3 dots to find the option to make a duplicate.

Follow the prompt to rename and submit:

You can also make a duplicate from inside an OC by clicking on the 3 dots at top right of the page.

Your new OC will be created and categorized under the “I created” option in “Categories”.

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