OC Categories

Organize your OCs

Categories help you organize your OCs however you want and are unique to you. If you would like to add a category or make any changes, from the Homepage, click on “My OCs”, then click “Manage Categories”.

Enter a name for your category, click “Add” then “Close” done when finished.

Default Categories

There are several other options to help you find OCs:

All my OCs – Find a list of ALL your OCs

Recently Viewed – Find a list of recently viewed OCs

I Created – Find the OCs you’ve created

I Shared – Find the OCs you’ve shared

Shared With Me – Find the OCs that have been shared with you.

Templates – Under “Discover templates”, Find a list of all the OCs that have already been built by subject matter experts (SMEs). These will have links and storylines. You can duplicate the template to make any adjustments (edit content).  The Categories’ structure is very similar to “My OCs” above:

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