Best Practices: Content Management Systems

Content is King: How Will You Manage It?

Supporting content helps you illustrate the storyline presented in OC. However, be mindful of how you want the supporting content to be consumed by the viewers. Instead of attaching the full file or PPT deck, consider attaching just a snippet of the key points or a few slides to get to the point quickly. We recommend attaching short video clips or infographics when available, as they deliver great viewing experience and are easy to consume.

When uploading file attachments, consider providing the file a name, making it easier to search for when you need quick access. Also consider filling in the attachment description field to provide a short narrative about the attachment. Should you choose to cite information from another source, you can provide the cited source in the appropriate the link space or attachment description field.

Content Management Systems

We recommend integrating Outcome Chains with existing content or knowledge management systems. All web-based content can be retrieved via URLs within Outcome Chains platform, so attaching the original source URL from the content management system can ensure that content attached in OC is auto-refreshed whenever the source content is updated in the content management system.