Best Practice: Topic Locks and Topic Library

Lock Topics

The OC owner can lock some or all of the topics within an OC. This ensures the information contained within the topic cannot be edited or deleted by any other user. Locking topics not only ensures also means critical topics aren’t inadvertently deleted by other users.

For example, if a Solution Architect building the OC has concluded that certain products, services offerings, and capabilities must always be included and shown in the OC, then those Topics should be locked. When collaborating or sharing OC with other users, we recommend the owner of the OC to lock any Topic that has been finalized or do not wish to be changed by shared users.

Topic Library; Reusing Content

The topic library allows reusing already created topics onto a new OC. Rather than re-creating popular topics, you can find the Master versions of these topics saved in the topic library and add them into the new OC.

When selecting the existing master topic from the topic library to re-use, you have two versions of the same topic to choose from

  • View-Only
    • View-Only version of the Master Topic is a mirror image of the Master Topic
    • Contains all the original topic descriptions and attachments
    • Cannot be modified
  • Standalone
    • Editable copy of the Master Topic

As a best practice, if you know that certain topic will be frequently reused in other OC’s, select and reuse the View-Only version of the Master Topic. Because the Master Topic is the source version of all the subsequent View-Only Topic, you can refresh the content within View-Only Topics by updating the Master Topic. This allows you to edit the Master Topic once and refresh all the changes made in the Master Topic in its View-Only copies.