Best Practice: Preferences


The appropriate team preferences ensure everyone on your team receives an optimal user experience. It’s also important to set up standardized link row structure(s) to ensure those building Outcome Chains are following an agreed-upon methodology. The result is that sales content is being delivered in a consistent manner.


The team Admin has the ability to configure team level password policy based on company’s IT security policy. The Admin can adjust password strength and enforce password reset frequency.


The Admin can upload a customized video to provide onboarding instructions to new users. The team introduction video will be shown during new user registration process.

As a best practice, keep the video short – 60 to 90 seconds. Be sure to define an Outcome Chain and explain your team’s use case. You can also talk about expectations and how the team should use Outcome Chains

The Admin can then upload the video to online video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, then attach the embedded video URL. This video will be visible to new users who are invited to join a room via public OC URL.

Note that if you don’t configure video settings, the default Outcome Chains video will be shown.

Graphics & Corporate Branding

The Admin can upload and make corporate approved graphics, such as team logo.