Best Practice: Governance

We recommend having two separate OC environments for your account: sandbox and production environment. Contact your Customer Success Manager about setting up a sandbox environment.

Prior to entering the Approval phase of the OC development lifecycle, all OC build-out and QA activities should be performed in the sandbox environment. Once the OCs have been QA’d and approved for release, the Admin can release them to the production environment. Such governance procedure ensures that work-in-progress OCs are only available to selected individuals within sandbox environment; only approved OCs are made available to the broader team.

Sandbox Environment

All OC development & QA activities should be performed inside the sandbox environment. Within the sandbox environment, additional Rooms or Categories can be created to separate individual development phases or sub-phases (i.e. Build, Create Storyline Filters, Attach Content, QA & Approval.) Any OC under development will move through these phases.

Initially, the OC creator will add the OC to a Room dedicated for the Build phase. Additional collaborators can be invited to the Build room to build the OC together. Once the Build phase has been completed, the OC can be moved to separate room dedicated for Creating Storyline Filters. This workflow will continue until the Approval phase. Once the OC has been approved for release, it will be published as an OC Template in the sandbox environment.

Within the sandbox environment, the approver can assign the OC to a designated OC template category based on OC’s attribute (i.e. OCs to be grouped by industry vertical focus, product & services family, buyer’s persona, etc.)

Once the OC Template has been assigned to the desired Template category, the sandbox environment Admin can share the Template category, which contains the finalized OC Template, to team’s production environment. Doing so completes the sharing of OC Template from sandbox to production environment.

Production Environment

Users in the production environment can access finalized OC Templates by going to the ‘OC Templates’ section of the application to search for, or drill through the desired category to identify the desired OC template.