Best Practice: Filters


Filters unify different ideas and major concepts captured within the OC to construct a coherent and easy-to-follow path for OC viewers.

The OC builder can create and define connections to run across the topics in the OC as a way to organize relationships.

Common relationships to be explained through Filters:

  • Area of interest for different audience persona (i.e. highlight topics that are of interest to the technical buyers vs. business buyers)
  • Major value proposition of your products & services (i.e. highlight topics that strength your business case)
  • Cause-and-effect relationship between topics impacting the ultimate business outcomes
  • Common objections from the buyer
  • Seller’s competitive advantages to highlight

As a best practice, consider creating filters to address 80% of frequently asked questions asked by potential customers. It’s unnecessary to create a Filter for every topic on the OC to account for all the literal cause-and-effect relationships.

For consistency in the filter naming convention, Admin and Pro license users are encouraged to pre-define common Filter names other team members can reuse and reference.