Use Guided Discovery to Grow and Close More Deals

Outcome Chains or OCs are a web based visual canvas, designed to simplify the complexities of outcome selling. With OCs, enterprise sales managers are now able to:

As your sales teams make this transition there will be some of your sellers that will be more comfortable than others as you ask them to change the way they engage with customers. Using Outcome Chains helps them to:

  1. Engage With More Senior DM’s By Speaking Their Language
  2. Standout From The Competition By Leading With Insight
  3. Quickly And Easily Identify the Highest Priorities of Different Target Personas
  4. Identify Broader Opportunities & Compel New Customer Spending
  5. Challenge The Focus Of RFPs And Pivot To Your Favor
  6. Create Greater Team Alignment on Customer’s Priorities
  7. Easier To Identify The Next Opportunity Based On Known Priorities


Outcome Chains are used by account executives, sales specialists, services professionals and customer success managers across the customer lifecycle. The most popular use cases for Outcome Chains are:

  1. Account Planning – account teams use the Outcome Chain to build a “perspective” of what they believe matters most to the customer; this is based on existing account and industry knowledge. This perspective is then shared with the customer and this is validated and prioritized as part of an engaging dialogue. This collaborative approach is proven to result in more identified opportunities and a better appreciation of the suppliers’ value.
  2. Opportunity Discovery – when a new opportunity is identified, either proactively or via an RFP, the account executive uses an Outcome Chain to quickly and easily identify what the customer is looking to achieve. Through an insight-led, outcome-based dialogue the account team will be better able to articulate their value proposition, and ensure that the solution they position is designed specifically to address what matters most to the individual stakeholders.
  3. Customer Success – ideally, each opportunity that is moved to “Closed Won” will have an Outcome Chain attached to the opportunity record. In those cases where this isn’t available the CSM can use an Outcome Chain as part of the onboarding process. The completed Outcome Chain then becomes the plan of record for all subsequent customer success engagement to make sure that there is a sustained focus on the outcome priorities.

Identify top performing Outcome Chains.

Quickly apply the winning OCs across sales teams.

Collaborate with sales teams around the OCs that matter.

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce.

Improve performance across your sales teams and easily track progress of industry specific deals.

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Identify top performing Outcome Chains.

Outcome Chains analytics allow sales managers to find the consumption and viewing patterns of an OC. Analytics give an in depth look at how popular a particular OC is and valuable data on which link or attachment viewers find most interesting.

Quickly apply the winning OCs across sales teams.

Once an OC has established high viewing and sharing patterns, you can publish it as a template. Your team can spend less time looking for content and more time selling solutions at scale.
OCs help me to have an intelligent conversation with a customer.
Steve Enterprise Sales Representative
Communicate, review, qualify, opportunities - OCs are a great living framework.
Krisit Enterprise Sales Representative
Really helpful to associate the right content at the right time. A mini database of what I need to know at my fingertips.
A Fortune 500 Sales Team Member Enterprise Sales Representative

Collaborate directly with the sales teams in the OC.

Stay on top of tasks with your sales teams, chat, or attach files all in one room. Collaborating directly with sales reps and staying current on each enterprise opportunity could be the key to closing your next big deal.

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce.

With direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce, introduce OCs to your sales team without making them change their workflow.

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