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Adding Attachments to a Link

Attachments are added to links to help illustrate a topic with more detail. In the below section, we’ll be reviewing how to add and organize PowerPoint decks, images, other OCs, and files as supporting material in a link.

Choose Your Link

First, click on the link you wish to add an attachment to. Next, click on the 3 dots then click “Edit link content”.

Next, click on the paperclip icon to add attachments.

Choose Your Attachments

Now you can upload content to this link.  You can choose to add a file, URL, and an Outcome Chain.

Next enter a title, description, and attachment category for this content.

NOTE: Attachment Size Limitations
  • Word and PowerPoint document, must be <10M
  • Excel must be < 5M
  • When the size limit is exceeded the file cannot be rendered online. It will then automatically be downloaded.
Ways to Reduce the PowerPoint Size
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF. Since browsers have direct support of PDFs, it offers a better experience than PowerPoint files.
  • For more ways to reduce PowerPoint file sizes click here.

Adding an OC as an Attachment

In addition to files and web page URLs, you may need to add another OC as an attachment to your link. To do this, first make sure the OC has the right permissions in OC Settings.

Click on the 3 dots at the top right of your OC screen and open “Settings.”

Then click “Permission” and edit to “Allow this OC to be added as an attachment to links in other OCs.”

Next, choose the Link you wish to add the OC attachment to and select “Outcome Chain” as the type of attachment being added. Next, click on the search icon to find the OC you want to add.

Choose the OC to add and hit the plus sign.

Note: If an OC has not been given permission to be added as an attachment to other OCs, you will not see it in this screen.

Now you will see the attached OC in your link. Add the title, description, attachment category, and click on “Save changes.”

Note: You know a link has an attachment when you see the mini page icon at the bottom center of the link.

View, Edit, or Delete

Once added, you can go back to view, edit, or delete an attachment by clicking on the 3 dots under an attachment.

Watch the Video!

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