Advanced Attachment Capabilities

What are Attachments?

Attachments are any supporting content that adds value to a Link. The Outcome Chains application can accommodate a variety of file formats such as Microsoft Words, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF, YouTube and any Web URL.  

Users with an Admin, Pro and Advanced license can add depth to Links in an outcome chain by attaching relevant content to support the message that they want to convey in that Link.

How to display a bookmarked section of a file in an attachment:

Bookmaking PDF URL web page allows the web page to jump to a pre-defined section within the page upon opening. To bookmark a PDF URL, append the original URL with the syntax “page=”, followed by the page number within the file you would like to show..

Example: To jump to page 5 when opening following PDF web page, add “#page=5” to the end of the original URL:

How to attach online videos to a Link:

You can attach and display any video from external video hosting sites such as Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia within the Link, just be sure to follow below instructions to copy & paste the embedded video URL into the URL attachment field.

For Youtube:

  1. Go to the desired YouTube Video
  2. Right click on the video, and select the ‘Copy embedded code’ option:

Time Stamping Your YouTube Video

To create a Youtube link that starts at a specific point in the video, all you have to do is add the time code to the end of the video URL link.

First find the URL of the video. This is the URL that shows at the top of the browser when you view the video on YouTube, not the sharing URL you see when you press the sharing button.

The format you can use to specify a time to start a YouTube video is #t=1m30s.

The first part #t= marks this as a time stamp.

The second part is minutes and seconds, so 1m30s is 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video.

So if I wanted to link to part of a really long video, I would grab the original video URL from the browser URL bar and add the time stamp code to the end: