Setting Up Your Account

Click on “Account profile” to manage settings for your team including team name, logo, and introduction video.

Team Name

Click on the pencil icon to edit your team name.

Team Email Domain Setup

Prevent users from other teams from registering in your team by setting your team’s dedicated email domains. Click on the green button to add an email domain. Enter an email domain and click to save. Continue to add as many email domains as needed. If you need to edit or delete an existing email domain, click on the pencil icon to make your changes.

Team Copyright Notice

The Admin can enable the Copyright protection feature, allowing a customized copyright protection message to appear (e.g. “Do not distribute”) on each link as a way of ensure sensitive information contained within an OC is not shared with other users.

Click on the pencil icon to add a copyright notice.

Team Date Scrubbing

This setting is mainly for UAT purpose. When conducting UAT, turn this setting to “Off” to make your actual data available in QA/test environments.

Team Introduction Video URL

The Admin can upload a customized video to provide onboarding instructions to new users. The team introduction video will be shown during new user registration process.

As a best practice, keep the video short – 60 to 90 seconds. Be sure to define an Outcome Chain and explain your team’s use case. You can also talk about expectations and how the team should use Outcome Chains

The Admin can then upload the video to online video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, then attach the embedded video URL. This video will be visible to new users who are invited to join a room via public OC URL.

Note that if you don’t configure video settings, the default Outcome Chains video will be shown.

Click on the blue edit button to upload your team intro video.

Default Templates

You have the ability to select one or more templates to be used as your team’s Starter Templates. These templates will appear when the user clicks on “Create my OC” and selects starter templates.

What’s a Starter Template?

Starter Templates are frameworks for building Outcome Chain templates that are available for all users. Think of the Starter Template as an OC on training wheels. It is a starting point to scaffold ideas for building out an OC, reinforcing a standardized framework, and providing a level of consistency in OC creation.

Admin can make Starter Template(s) available to those with Admin/Pro licenses to use as a default starting point in the OC creation process. As a best practice, we encourage you to create multiple Starter Templates with different Link Row structures based on different use cases and methodology variations.

Each template can have a unique link row structure to accommodate different sales methodology or customer scenario. For example, templates can be established for outcome-based selling, challenged based selling, or an existing methodology to conduct a solution assessment workshop.

Getting Started… with Starter Templates

Click on the green button, select one or more templates by checking the box next to it, scroll to the bottom, and click done to save. Selected templates will appear in the “Default templates & menu order” screen.

*If you want to delete a starter template, hover over the name of the template and click on the X to delete.

**If you want to rearrange the order of the templates, click on a template and drag to your desired position.

Link Group Description

After you’ve selected your starter templates, you can enter the link group descriptions next. This ensures other users are in agreement with the conventions and nomenclatures used in creating OC.

Click on the “plus” sign.

Enter a link group name and description then click on “Add.”

Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing description. Click on the “x” icon to delete a description.

These descriptions will appear when a user clicks to open an Outcome Chain.