2.11: Is Now Live!

This summer’s blockbuster isn’t Aladdin, Spiderman, MIB, or anything of the sort. No, the title belongs to Outcome Chains!

Why, you ask? Well, we’re improving the way users interact with customers with huge updates to our Normal and Present Mode.

But change, like Hollywood horror movies, can be scary. Fear not – the Outcome Chains Customer Success team is here to help guide you thru this amazing transition.

Let’s begin by looking at the Normal Mode.

We’ve changed the interface for a cleaner look. But the same features and functionality you know and love are still within the Normal Mode. They’re just displayed in a more streamlined format.
A user will still have the ability to sort by Storyline Filters. Scrolling to the left and then selecting the appropriate checkbox filters the relevant content.
When you select a Storyline Filter, the corresponding links will be displayed in two ways:
First, every link will be shown. Some links will be more pronounced than others, depending on whether they map to the storyline.
Second, they’ll be color-coded for easy reference. In the example above, we selected a green storyline, so we’ll see a green square in the upper left hand corner.
We’ve also added three filters (top left). This way, you can view all the links, Storyline Filters, or just your favorite links.
Got it? OK, moving on to the Present Mode. Brace yourself for a wild ride.
After months of research, planning, feedback, meetings, we’ve created this Present Mode for customer-facing presentations. Right away, Link Groups are displayed to give both presenter and customer an overview of what’s going to be discussed.
Hovering over a Link Group enlarges it. And when you click into the Link Group…
You drill down into the Links themselves. You can click on a Link to get access to the Link description and any additional attachments). Or, if you see a tiny pyramid, you can click on that to access Sub-Links. These are Links of a similar nature that have been organized together for clarity.
Here’s an example of Sub-Links that map to the “Executive Sponsors” Link.
And finally, the Storyline Filter is available in the Present Mode.
Selecting the Storyline Filter allows you to easily customize content to present to your respective audience.
Here’s an example of what happens when a Storyline Filter is selected. Only the relevant Link Group appears onscreen.
Clicking into the Link Group opens up links displaying additional content.

Watch the Video!

Change is in the air, but we have your back. As always if you have any questions can always reach us at success@outcomechains.com.