• Link your Products and Services to the Business Outcomes that matter to your Customers.

    Leverage the power of software to elevate the discussion with your customers, reach higher level buyers and win more deals.

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Outcome Chains (OCs) are business storyboards that make it easy to talk in the language of your customer.

Each Outcome Chain (OC) is a customizable storyboard that helps buyers and sellers visualize how technology products and services can lead to business outcomes that are industry and company specific.

Easy to Build

Easy to Present

Easy to Customize

Use Cases


Who uses Outcome Chains and when?

Who uses Outcome Chains and when.

Product and industry marketing teams use OCs to:

– Build templates for key industries and solutions.
– Attach any form of useful content like data sheets, presentations, videos.
– Publish templates to internal field teams who deal with customers.

Sales teams and field SMEs can use OCs to:

– Prepare for meetings.
– Customize to individual deals.
– Present to customers.
– Share with customers.

Customers can use OCs to:

– Get copies of OCs from their suppliers.
– Customize OCs.
– Present OCs internally to build the business case.
– Collaborate with other influences and the supplier team.

How Outcome Chains Work?

A Simple But Effective Framework...

for linking enterprise technology products and services to the specific financial and operating improvements that matter to customers

Easily Build Industry-Specific Templates...

that enable your sales experts to talk in the language of the customer’s industry. Outcome Chains even offer many industry examples your product and marketing teams can leverage.

Great for Sales Enablement.

Help your sellers become more adept at understanding and conveying how your offers link to specific business value for your customers. All the relevant content from marketing or other SMEs is all imbedded in the OC.

Have AMAZING Customer Meetings.

Outcome Chains elevate customer presentations from one-way monologues to two-way dialogues that are focused on business value, not features and price. Customize to customer needs IN THE MEETING. Then share!

See Everything From Everywhere.

See when customers are viewing your OCs, see who they are sharing with internally and see what changes they make. Its like being inside your buyer’s mind. And because we integrate to most leading CRMs you can see everything right from the opportunity record.

Why use Outcome Chains?



Most companies prefer a little help to build their first Outcome Chains. Our experts will come on site and engage your experts for 1-2 days in a systematic process for learning the product and building their OCs. They will leave you with a set of OCs that will form the basis of future OC templates.


Getting your sales and services team to adopt new tools is never easy. Our Premium Customer Success Managers follow a proven best practices model that helps lead your organization through the build, roll out, optimization and on-going governance.


Our Professional Services team can help you do everything from integrate with your CRM to build and your Outcome Chains. Our technical expertise helps your Outcome Chains work seamlessly with key applications. Our OC Gurus can create a dynamic library of OC templates for your team.


We maintain a network of outstanding sales training and consulting partners who can train your sales team on how to successfully sell using business outcomes. We all know that outcomes is what business buyers want to invest in. They value suppliers who can link products and services to business value and are willing to put new budget on the table when that happens effectively. However selling outcomes is different than selling on features and price. The Outcome Chains partner network can get your entire sales team ready to roll.