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Introducing Outcome Chains

The world is moving into an outcome-based economy.

The problem is that most enterprise sales teams are not equipped to handle this transition at scale.

The solution forward.

An online platform that allows tech companies to transition their mostly price and feature driven sales approach to one centered around outcomes.

A new way to communicate outcome selling.

Outcome Chains or OCs are a web based visual canvas, designed to simplify the complexities of outcome selling. With help from Outcome Engineers, domain experts create OCs for each enterprise sales opportunity.

Multiple layers of information.

OCs have multiple layers of information that help buyers and sellers communicate at a holistic and or more granular level.

Keep pace with the conversation.

OCs are a living canvas, that change to keep pace with the seller and buyer dialogue through a simple drag and drop experience.

With Outcome Chains, Fortune 500 enterprise sales teams and their buyers are now able to effectively visualize and collaborate around the offerings, desired outcomes and the impact across key business areas (financial, KPIs, processes).

Elevate your approach to sales with Outcome Chains.

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Higher Win Rates

Companies report a 4x higher win rate when using Outcome based selling than RFP based selling.

Increase in Content Consumption

Our clients have reported a staggering 400% increase in content consumption by their sales teams.

We are helping to transform sales across a wide range of tech companies.

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